SEO and Internet Marketing

There are many myths about SEO and an overdose of information. We have simplied this to the extent that this can be understood by every customer of ours. Here are some facts about SEO that every customer must know before engaging a service.

  • SEO services are absolutely vital to your search engine marketing success. As a result, every company wants to have the top search engine ranking for their targeted keywords. But one cannot just get there. Remember, a simple search like “ web designer” is being conducted by thousands of people and there are thousands of companies vying for that spot. Google need to prioritize as to “which” search is closest to “which content” and as a result ranks sites.
  • SEO is and long Term process. It is like working out. Once you get into shape you need to stay in shape, which means you need to keep exercising. Therefore under context if you need to stay with rankings, one needs to constantly work with content, monitor site status, correct errors, and continuously ensure the code remains optimized.
  • SEO can get you to TOP TEN IN 10 Days. It is a myth. IT NEVER happens. Intelligent SEO with responsible content, the right key words, correct page headers will ensure disciplined that is liked by the Google ranking system. In the earlier days, this system was abused by people by incorporating long list of meta tags. It is no longer practiced and considered irresponsible practice by Google. Therefore, with a careful disciplined approach it is possible to get to the top ten.
  • To ensure effective rankings and being “Found” there needs to be a variety of areas in the cyberspace that your site should be mentioned. It include social media, press, targeted ads using Google Ad Words, PPC (Pay Per click etc). THE S&P TEAM

Google AdWords Campaign Management

Search Engine Marketing is a combination of natural and paid search engine listings to ensure your website reaches your exact target audience. For Natural Listings in combination with a lot of other factors the important base is that your site is built to Developers and Search Engines Web Standards.(World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) -

Pay Per Click (PPC) simply means paying to get your website listed at a top position for relevant keywords on specific search engines. For each visitor that clicks on your ad you are charged a specific rate depending on the keyword. The benefit of PPC is that only pay for the result. Benefits of PPC is a low cost easy to measure solution that delivers a strong ROI by setting exact relevant keywords, language and location and daily budgets.

Google AdWords Professional is a service especially developed for professional agencies who administer multiple customer accounts.

Optimizing your Website : Once user click on your ad your website needs to provide the right information (e.g: call to action) to convert the clicks into sales.

Most Common Search Engines : Google, Yahoo, MSN

Why use PPC advertising?

  • Results are instant as search engines display your ad immediately.
  • You immediately know if it's working. Fees are transparent.
  • You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and lands on your website or you receive a call from the prospect.
  • It is easy to set and adjust your daily budget and unlike with other media you can calculate your ROI precisely.

Example Google AdWords Listing

The figure above shows an example of an AdWords Listing based on the search argument along with a natural listing

Screenshot above shows an ongoing live campaign and their results.

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We ensure that all of the above happens to get your business found on the internet. It is a simple read but a complex set of tasks and therefore, we contract in blocks of three months. We provide monthly measurable and user friendly reports of “what was happening” , “whats happening now” and “ where do we go from here” or “what are our next steps” With this approach we ensure that the customer is always has the best knowledge of our work and the expected results.

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