Application Development Services

Application Software development has a variety of areas where S&P has expertise on.

At S&P, we work with the customer define requirements, write specifications and plan a design and development phase that include the well tested SDLC life cycle.

We design, develop, test and integrate software across multiple platforms, including technologies with compatibilities with ALL types of devices. We ensure that in today’s market environment, any business application developed by us is accessible by from "anywhere" and "any device"  

Our Application Development Services are categorized as follows  

  • Complete life-cycle application development where an S&P team assumes the complete responsibility in the entire SDLC life cycle which is requirement specifications, analysis, design, implementation, testing and launch.
  • Collaborative development is a process which is collaboration between S&P engineers and the customer’s team in an onsite environment to jointly execute the complete SDLC life cycle.

A Summary of application development services

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Application design, development, implementation, testing
  • Systems integration
  • Application re-engineering, performance tuning / testing
  • Re-Engineering of legacy applications, porting to multiple platforms
  • Enterprise web based application development.

Technologies Expertise

The S&P team has a wide spread of technology expertise that include entire suite of current Microsoft and Open Source Technologies.